Longevity Health Dashboard

Medical Professionals’ Best Co-Pilot

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Under a Minute

The Longevity AI clinical dashboard gives doctors a more comprehensive understanding of their patients in a more efficient way than ever before.

Our complete overview page has everything medical professionals need in order to take the right course of action.

Prevention made simple

Our platform makes risk predictions based on the latest scientific discoveries, evidence-based medicine and personalized health information, allowing for early diagnosis and intervention of major age-related diseases.

Dashboard insights support doctors in understanding the lifestyle changes that can have the greatest impact on their patients.

Patient Engagement

Our dashboard makes it simple for doctors to communicate in a meaningful way with their patients.

Medical professionals can send patients a holistic health report after every visit, and gain insights into patient habits and preferences through integration with the Longevity AI app.

Smart Monitoring

Our dashboard gives doctors the ability to monitor changes over time and better understand biomarker evolution in each patient.

We provide a smart comparison of individuals to a similar population type along with scientifically proven lifestyle interventions, giving doctors the support to recommend the most appropriate prevention interventions.